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Retail For the customer an improved experience means less time finding the right product, even if its not stocked, queuing for information, or paying. Commercial Aimed at reception, security and HR departments benefits can be realised by a wide variety of organisations. Public Interactive kiosks offer productivity gains to public service providers, and an improved quality of service to their customers.

Welcome To Evoke Interactive Kiosks

We are Evoke. We specialise in interactive kiosk systems. By choosing us, you are choosing a company with many years experience in providing bespoke kiosk solutions. You will see your own, unique kiosk come to life by the hands of our experienced staff.

Our tried and tested software solutions are tailored to your precise requirements, and our customer-facing hardware benefits from our years of experience as leading product and retail designers.

Interactive kiosks, whether used for information or for sales, are the future of customer service. Along with our partners we have access to more than 100,000 square feet of assembly, manufacturing and product development facilities, and can deliver a quick turnaround to the very highest of standards.

If you find yourself asking "what can an interactive kiosk do for your business?", call us at 0151 334 3716 and we'll be happy to explain more.